About The Guild

The Guild Society has been producing top-notch community theatre in Whitehorse for 40 years!

At The Guild you can catch great shows, support local theatre, and see our community members designing, creating, and shining onstage in our fabulous productions.

A registered not-for-profit community organization in Porter Creek, the Guild Hall began as two military buildings and has since grown into a vibrant creative hub.

Today, our theatre features:

  • mainstage productions in the black box theatre,
  • two dance studios/rehearsal halls, and
  • an alternative performance space with a bar and small stage.
  • an outdoor performance space with physically distanced seating for 30 people

Who We Are

The people making the magic happen.

Guild Hall Staff

General Manager: Brandon Wicke
Artistic Director: Brian Fidler
Production Manager: Odile Nelson

Guild Society Board

President - Mary Sloan
Vice President - Andrea Bols
Treasurer - Carman Lam Brar
Secretary - Vanessa Thorson
Directors: Brett Chandler, Jeff Nordlund, Kelly Scott, Krisandra Reid, Prianshu Grover, James Croken, Linnéa Rowlatt, Telek Rogan and Mickey Morgan.

Learn how The Guild is adapting to protect our performers and audiences during Covid.